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Deliver a better future with every package.

Achieve your sustainability goals with innovative packaging solutions from HoneyPack. We are helping e-commerce fulfillment centers meet their net zero carbon goals while controlling costs, improving productivity, and ensuring damage-free delivery of online purchases.

Fulfillment centers are high-speed, demanding environments, from order processing and pick-and-pack to labeling and shipping. From paper dunnage to sustainable packaging tapes, we have the packaging supplies you need to ensure the job is done right.

HoneyPack Solutions for eCommerce


Paper dunnage is a sustainable, cost-effective and versatile option for void fill, cushioning and product protection. Choose from manual paper dispensers or automated void fill and cushion machines.

air pillow

Reduce your impact with eco-friendly air pillows made out of compostable paper or biofilm or recycled post-consumer poly films. Air pillow machines for high-production packaging lines.


Eco-friendly alternatives to poly mailers and envelopes! Compostable, recycled and recyclable mail bags, padded mailers, and fluted mailers are perfect for small items, books and documents. 


Paper void fill, honeycomb paper and corrugated bubble wrap keep products safe while minimizing environmental impact. A great alternative to Styrofoam packing peanuts and plastic bubble wrap.

100% Recycled

Our corrugated boxes, mailers, eCommerce boxes and book wraps are a 100% recycled, recyclable and sustainable shipping option.

Paper Packing Lists
and Labels

Replace standard plastic sleeves and adhesive films with high-quality, sustainable paper labels and recycled material, ensuring your shipments are labeled clearly and responsibly.


Eco-friendly packing tape, dispensers and tape machines, including water-activated tape, self-adhesive Kraft paper tape, recycled PET and the Zero-Tape ergonomic tape system.


Choose from 100% recyclable and biodegradable Eco-Stretch Film or the innovative and ergonomic Grip Film system for hand stretch film. A perfect wrap, every time!

Protect the Pack.