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About Us

Planting the Seeds of Change for the Packaging Industry

HoneyPack hits that sweet spot of personal, durable, and diligent. We’re helping our packaging and distribution customers protect products, reduce plastic usage and conserve the environment, all at the same time.

We created Honeypack to bring more environmentally sustainable packaging options to the market. Why? Because 95% of plastic packaging material is used only once and thrown away. With billions of packages shipped to American consumers each year, that adds up to millions of tons of plastic waste in landfills. 

HoneyPack Values

Our goal is to protect what’s inside, while conserving the outside.

We create and distribute innovative, resilient and sustainable packaging material solutions designed to reduce overall plastic use and replace non-biodegradable plastics with more sustainable options. Paper air pillows minimize plastic use while maximizing product protection, replacing bulkier options like peanuts or bubble wrap with a thin paper film filled with air. When you combine their low material use with recyclable and biodegradable material options from Honeypack, that’s a sustainability win.

HoneyPack Mission Icons

Our Values

We’ve built our company on four key pillars. 

HoneyPack Innovation


A better tomorrow starts with challenging the expectations of today. We’re creating products that are transforming the packaging industry. 

HoneyPack Performance


Our products are practical, durable and economical…so they are an attractive packaging material option even without the sustainability factor. 

Honey Pack is sustainable


We are laying the groundwork for a greener tomorrow in the packaging industry. We are committed to making product design choices that minimize waste and maximize sustainability. 

HoneyPack Responsibility


We believe companies have a responsibility to their customers, their employees and the environment. We stand behind our goals to safeguard the future. 

Protect the Pack.