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Eco-Friendly / Ergonomic Tape Solutions.

Choose a greener, smarter way to secure your packages with our curated range of eco-friendly and ergonomic tapes. Designed with both the environment and the user in mind, our tape solutions maximize sustainability, efficiency and ease of use. Choose from convenient self-adhesive Kraft or white paper tapes or super-strong, super-adhesive water-activated tapes for high-production packaging facilities. Eco-friendly tapes are the perfect companion for our 100% recycled corrugated boxes and mailers.
HoneyPack Water Activated Tape
HoneyPack Water Activated Tape

Water-Activated Tape

Seal sustainably with Water-Activated Paper Tape (often referred to as gummed tape or WAT). Designed for durability and eco-consciousness, this tape creates a strong, tamper-evident bond that ensures packages are sealed securely every time.

Water-Activated Tape Machines

Automate your packaging processes and seal packages quickly and effectively with this water-activated tape machine—the perfect solution for high-volume packaging lines. Simple to use and highly accurate, this automated tape dispenser for water-activated tape speeds up packaging processes, saves labor and inventory costs, and provides a reliable, tamper-evident seal.
HoneyPack Paper Tape Machines
HoneyPack Grips Paper Tape Dispenser

Water-Activated Paper Tape Dispenser

The Grip Taper is an automatic water activated tape dispenser, enabling biodegradable reinforced paper tape to be used by operators anywhere. Many companies are turning to this multifunctional tape dispenser to improve their carbon footprint. Reinforced paper tape provides high security and protection to your packages, without putting a damper on your environmental efforts.

Kraft Paper Tape

Self-adhesive solvent-based Kraft paper tape provides a strong seal without the plastic. A great eco-friendly alternative to traditional acrylic packing tape. Available in traditional Kraft brown or white.
HoneyPack ZeroTape Ergonomic Tape Dispenser

Zero-Tape Ergonomic Tape System

The Zero-Tape Ergonomic Dispenser and Tape System is the sustainable and ergonomic solution for package sealing. This cutting-edge solution combines a uniquely designed tape dispenser and high-quality adhesive tape, ensuring each package is sealed securely with the utmost ease and efficiency.

Recycled PET Tape

When you need the performance of polyester packing tape but want an eco-friendly alternative, choose our recycled PET tape. Our 70% post-consumer waste PET packing tape offers the same durability, transparency and moisture resistance as traditional polyester tape, but is much better for the environment.

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