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Paper dunnage is a sustainable, cost-effective and versatile option for void fill, cushioning and product protection. BuzzPro paper dunnage machines are designed to keep your packaging lines buzzing along while reducing waste and streamlining operations. Paper dunnage is not only eco-friendly but also lightweight, safe and easy to use, providing highly effective cushioning and stabilization for products of all shapes and sizes. BuzzPro manual paper dispensers are a simple and effective solution for dispensing center-pull paper rolls into packaging-ready shapes. The BuzzPro automated void fill and paper cushioning machines speed up operations for high-production packaging lines.

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Paper dunnage material can be used for a wide range of packaging applications, including void fill, cushioning, layering or interleaving, blocking and bracing, and general product protection. Brown Kraft paper packaging material is 100% FSC Certified and fully recyclable, making it a green and sustainable choice for packaging lines, warehouses and distribution centers concerned about their environmental footprint. Available in center-pull or Z-fold for easy dispensing and efficient storage.
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Our advanced machinery, including converting machines and automated production lines, ensure the rapid and precise creation of paper dunnage, minimize waste and enhance production speed. Our warehouses are equipped with smart inventory management systems to streamline the storage and distribution of these eco-friendly packaging materials. Together, these technologies support businesses in reducing their environmental footprint, optimizing supply chain operations, and meeting the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions in an increasingly competitive market.

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