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An eco-friendly options with paper packing lists and labels.

Streamline your shipping with our eco-conscious Paper Packing Lists and Labels. Say goodbye to standard plastic sleeves and adhesive films. Our selection is crafted from high-quality, sustainable paper sources and recycled material, ensuring your shipments are labeled clearly and responsibly. Whether you’re sending out individual parcels or managing large-scale logistics, these paper solutions prioritize both the environment and efficiency.
HoneyPack Sustainable Labels

Packing List Envelopes

With durable Kraft backing paper and a 100% recycled polyethylene window, these easy-to-use side-loading packing list envelopes will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Now you can protect your documents from the elements while still staying eco-conscious.

Labels: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer

Equip your business with labels that are both functional and sustainable. Our sustainable paper labels make a difference not just in your operation but also in the environment. Designed for use with direct thermal or thermal transfer label machines, these paper labels are ideal for high-production packaging lines.
HoneyPack Thermal Printer and Labels

Protect the Pack.