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The clear choice for sustainable stretch film wrapping.

Recycled Content Stretch Film offers businesses a dual advantage: effective product protection and a reduced environmental impact. Utilizing post-consumer materials, these films reduce landfill waste and cut down on the need for virgin resources. They provide the same strength and reliability as traditional films while promoting a circular economy. For businesses aiming to combine operational efficiency with sustainability, these recycled, recyclable and biodegradable stretch films are the clear choice.

HoneyPack Eco-Friendly Stretch Wraps


The innovative Grip® dispenser and hand stretch film give you a perfect wrap, every time. The lightweight, ergonomic dispenser features adjustable tension control and secure non-slip core retention so it’s easy to maintain proper tension and safely secure loads. The handle is designed to allow fast, easy wrapping at any height without back strain. Grip® hand film is engineered for high stretch and cling to give you unbeatable load security, even on uneven or difficult loads.


HexFilm Eclipse is a 100% recyclable stretch film that is high performance and reduces overall environmental impact. The film will completely bio-assimilate in marine, terrestrial and landfill environments within 6-24 months, leaving behind zero microplastics. It is the most sustainable stretch film in the world.
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