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AirPro Void Fill Series

Air pillows offer an innovative, efficient, and lightweight solution for void fill, cushioning, and product protection during shipping. Lightweight and versatile, air pillows are widely used across the packing, shipping and distribution sectors. With the AirPro Series, you can create sustainable air pillows in the eco-friendly material of your choice: 100% compostable PaperPack or PlantPack, recyclable PolyPack, or recycled post-consumer GreenPack films. With our Pod air pillow machines, making pillow chains or mats is fast and easy to help you maximize the efficiency of your packaging lines.

our machines

Pod 500

Our smallest, most portable air pillow machine. For a single workstation.

Pod 2000

A flexible, programmable air pillow machine for up to 4 workstations.

Pod 4000

Our fastest and most powerful air pillow machine for high-volume operations.



100% compostable paper air pillow film made of 100% recycled material.


A sustainable, compostable air pillow film made of corn starch.


An exceptionally lightweight, recyclable plastic air pillow film.

GreenPack 50

An eco-friendly, 52% recycled plastic film with 36% post-consumer content.

GreenPack 100

Industry leading, 100% recycled plastic film with 80% post-consumer content.

Protect the Pack.