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Send it in style with our sustainable, eco-friendly mailers.

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to poly mailers and envelopes? We’ve got some sweet deals for you! From our 100% recycled HoneyComb padded mailers to innovative water-soluble and compostable mail bags, we have plenty of options for mailing documents and small products. Don’t settle for plastic mail bags and envelopes that will persist in the environment for decades. Be kind to the earth and your products with these great sustainable mailing solutions.
HoneyPack Sustainable Mailers

HoneyComb Padded Mailers

The Honeycomb padded mailers are made of 100% recycled paper and deliver superior strength and product protection. The unique honeycomb paper padding provides an extra layer of protection for fragile items and keeps documents wrinkle-free. A great choice for mailing books, documents and small items.

Compostable Mailers/Bags

Our 100% compostable shipping mailers can help you reach your sustainability targets. Made from durable and water-resistant potato starch film, they are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to poly mailers and bags. Plant-based bioplastics are carbon neutral, too. When you’re done with them, just toss them in the compost bin!
HoneyPack Compostable Bags
HoneyPack Fluted Envelopes

Fluted Mailers

Elevate your mailing practices with HoneyPack’s fluted paper mailers, an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional bubble-lined mailers and Jiffy bags. Perfectly marrying strength and sustainability, these plastic-free mailers use corrugated paper fluting to safeguard small items and keep paper documents wrinkle-free.

Paper Mailer Bags

A simple, elegant and eco-friendly mailing solution! Paper mailing bags are made from sturdy, unbleached Kraft paper. Easy to use and 100% recyclable. A cost-effective and sustainable way to send soft products through the mail.

Water Soluble Bags

Water-soluble pouches are the ultimate in eco-protection! These smart, dissolvable pouches liquify in water in less than a minute at any water temperature. Perfect for no-open-necessary delivery of pre-portioned products, these pouches safely and efficiently contain potentially harmful dry chemicals and other products.

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