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Pod 500

The Pod 500 is our smallest, most flexible and most economical air pillow machine. This tiny powerhouse can make both single-chain air pillows (8” wide) and wide air pillow mats (16.5” wide) for fast and easy void fill, product cushioning or wrapping. Perfect for single workstations and small operators, from Etsy sellers to drop-and-ship storefronts. It’s an economical and sustainable entry to e-commerce. 

  • Fastest small machine available, with speeds up to 33 feet per minute
  • Immediate operation with no heat-up phase
  • Easy start/stop with the push of a button
  • Compact, portable and easy to use
  • Compatible with narrow and wide air pillow films  

Accessories and films sold separately. May not be compatible with all air pillow films; check film specifications for details.

HoneyPack Pod 500 Machine


4 speed modes: 13 / 20 / 26 / 33 feet per min
No heat-up phase
Produces tight air cushions without a compressor
Creates both narrow pillow chains (8”) and wide pillow mats (15”)
Start/stop at the touch of a button
Variable timer for air cushion production
Variable sealing temperature, air volume
Supplied with instructions, power cord, 2 spare PTFE bands and spare blade
Easy maintenance and belt replacement


Max Speed (ft/min)33
Weight (lbs)5.5
Length (in)17
Width (in)7.5
Height (in)7.7
Electrical connection:AC100-240V 1.6A 50/60Hz
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Compatible Films

Pick your favorite pack: recyclable, plant-based and compostable paper air pillows. Available in narrow and wide options for every packaging need.


100% compostable paper air pillow film made of 100% recycled material.

PaperPack 500 Narrow 8×4


A sustainable, compostable air pillow film made of bio-based plastic.

PlantPack 500 Narrow 8×4


An exceptionally lightweight, recyclable plastic air pillow film.

PolyPack 500 Narrow 8×4

PolyPack 500 Wide 4-chamber

GreenPack 50

An eco-friendly, 52% recycled plastic film with 36% post-consumer content.

GreenPack 50 500 Narrow 8×4

GreenPack 50 500 Wide 4-chamber

GreenPack 100

Industry leading, 100% recycled plastic film with 80% post-consumer content.

GreenPack 100 500 Narrow 8×4

GreenPack 100 500 Wide 4-chamber

Protect the Pack.