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Pod 2000

The Pod 2000 hits the sweet spot for performance, economics and flexibility. Supplies up to 4 workstations with air pillows (8”) or air pillow mats (32”) for void fill, product cushioning and wrapping. This highly reliable packaging station workhorse is a favorite for small- to medium-sized distribution centers and larger operations with distributed workstations. 

  • Fast, reliable air pillow production for up to 4 workstations 
  • Quiet, easy operation  
  • Programmable for multiple air pillow/air mat configurations
  • Optional Bluetooth® control for remote operation 

Accessories and films sold separately. May not be compatible with all air pillow films; check film specifications for details.

Air Pillow 1 Machine

Product Features

Variable speed: 23 - 29 ft/min
Creates both narrow pillow chains (8”) and wide pillow mats (32”)
Programmable for 4 film types
Air and temperature adjustable
Lock function
CE, ETL and RoHS approved
Service drawer incl. spare parts (2 Teflon bands, 1 fuse, 1 blade)
Bluetooth control optional (for Android and IOS)
Sensor and other accessories are available separately


Max Speed (ft/min):29
Weight (lbs):12
Length (in):16.25
Width (in):12.5
Height (in):9.25
Electrical connection:230 / 115 Volt power supply
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Compatible Films

Pick your favorite pack: recyclable, plant-based and compostable paper air pillows. Available in narrow and wide options for every packaging need.


100% compostable paper air pillow film made of 100% recycled material.

PaperPack Narrow 8×4

PaperPack Narrow 8×6


A sustainable, compostable air pillow film made of bio-based plastic.

PlantPack Narrow 8×4

PlantPack Narrow 8×6

PlantPack Narrow 8×8

PlantPack Narrow 8×10


An exceptionally lightweight, recyclable plastic air pillow film.

PolyPack Narrow 8×4

PolyPack Narrow 8×6

PolyPack Narrow 8×8

PolyPack Narrow 8×10 

PolyPack Wide 2-chamber

PolyPack Wide 4-chamber

PolyPack Wide 8-chamber

GreenPack 50

An eco-friendly, 52% recycled plastic film with 36% post-consumer content.

GreenPack 50 Narrow 8×4

GreenPack 50 Narrow 8×6

GreenPack 50 Narrow 8×8

GreenPack 50 Narrow 8×10 

GreenPack 50 Wide 2-chamber

GreenPack 50 Wide 4-chamber

GreenPack 50 Wide 8-chamber

GreenPack 100

Industry leading, 100% recycled plastic film with 80% post-consumer content.

GreenPack 100 Narrow 8×4

GreenPack 100 Narrow 8×6

GreenPack 100 Narrow 8×8

GreenPack 100 Narrow 8×10 

GreenPack 100 Wide 2-chamber

GreenPack 100 Wide 4-chamber

GreenPack 100 Wide 8-chamber

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