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Five Ways to Use Air Pillows

5 Ways to use Air Pillows

Air pillows are one of the most economical, sustainable and versatile choices for packaging material. With plenty of size options, including narrow pillow chains and wider pillow mats, you’re sure to find an air pillow product that meets your needs. Not sure how to use them? Here are five ways you can use air pillows to protect your packaged goods. 

1. Void Fill

If you have a lot of space to fill, nothing is easier than an air pillow. Air pillows come in a variety of sizes, and chains fold and wrap easily to fill voids of various volumes and shapes. Larger air pillows work especially well to quickly fill bigger voids. Void fill helps to prevent contents from shifting and rattling around in the package, which ultimately reduces product damage. Some packages just need some top-fill material to fill up empty space on top of the products before the box is sealed. Other packages have oddly shaped voids along the sides that need to be filled as well. Air pillows can be easily adapted for any void fill need. 

2. Blocking and Bracing

To reliably reduce shifting, use air pillows to firmly brace contents into position within the box. Blocking and bracing hold contents against the sides of the box to prevent shifting. Reducing movement in the box not only protects contents but also reduces the risk that a sudden shift in weight distribution will cause the box to fall off a conveyor belt or delivery truck shelving. Blocking and bracing also help box integrity, preventing unsupported sides from caving in. To use air pillows for blocking and bracing, make sure the pillows fit tightly between the product and sides of the box and cannot easily shift once the box is sealed. 

3. Lining and Cushioning 

Air pillows can be used to line the bottom, sides and corners of the box. This provides cushioning for materials, preventing damage caused by rough handling of the box. A cushioned liner acts as a shock absorber if the box is dropped, banged, kicked or stacked. We all know packages aren’t always treated as gently as we would like once they leave our warehouses and distribution centers, so lining and cushioning can go a long way towards protecting fragile goods. Air cushion mats—wider mats of air pillows with up to 8 chambers in each row—are an excellent choice for lining and cushioning. The wider mats cover more area with less effort and will shift less once they are in place. 

4. Wrapping 

Need to wrap the actual product instead of just lining the box? Air pillows can do that, too. Once again, the wider air cushion mats really shine here. The smaller the pillow chambers, the better the mat will conform to the shape of the item you are wrapping. Our 8-chamber pillow mats perform similarly to bubble wrap: just tear off the length of material needed and wrap it around the item before placing in the box. But unlike bubble wrap, air cushion mats are made on-demand, so they take up practically no space on your warehouse shelves for storage. And compared to paper wrapping material, air cushion mats are lightweight, highly flexible, and provide superior shock absorption and cushioning. Plus, no more pesky paper cuts while wrapping fragile products.

5. Interleaving  

Plates and dishes, electronics, glass panels, and other stackable materials need to have cushioning in between each layer to prevent scratching and breakage. Air cushion mats are perfect for these applications. A layer of air cushioning in between each product layer keeps everything safe. For even more protection, you can also line the box with air cushioning material for full 6-sided protection of fragile goods. Isn’t that sweet?

Which HoneyPack film is right for you? We can help you find the right air pillow or pillow mat product for your packaging line. 

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