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Pallet Containment

Secure your eco-credentials with sustainable pallet containment options.

Secure your shipments without compromising on sustainability with HoneyPack’s eco-friendly pallet containment solutions. Options like reusable pallet nets and paper strapping provide robust alternatives to traditional plastic-based containment without sacrificing product protection. Make the switch today and support a greener, safer, and more efficient method of pallet containment, aligning with a commitment to reducing environmental impact.
HoneyPack Pallet Containment
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Paper Strapping

This innovative plastic-free strapping is made of extra-strong, heavy-weight brown paper, featuring the same robust strength as plastic strapping but without the plastic waste. Perfectly adapted for both automatic and semi-automatic production systems, this recyclable and biodegradable strapping secures your pallets safely and reliably while improving your environmental footprint. And it’s fully compatible with standard strapping machines and tools, so making the switch is easy.

Pallet Netting

Secure your cargo effortlessly and eco-responsibly with reusable pallet netting. This unique netting system provides robust containment while eliminating wasteful, single-use plastic pallet wrap. Pallet netting is easy to use, allowing a single individual to secure a pallet with ease: just stretch the net over the stacked pallet, pass the tethering strap through the pallet and attach to the net, then tighten the top straps over the pallet to secure. With fast, reusable netting, you can streamline operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
HoneyPack Pallet Netting

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